6 Home Remedies to get rid of Cockroaches

Keeping your home tiptop is every important for anyone who loves their home, but sometimes no matter how well you can clean up insects like roaches find their way back into our homes. Sharing tips on how to get rid of cockroaches from your home and kitchen in order to remove them on a permanent basis. They are one of the worst house guests around and ten to be among the biggest germ carriers which are not great especially if you have kids around the house.

 Causes: These universal pests are widely regarded as the biggest germ carriers around and they can be cause due to many reasons the biggest being untidiness or simply trash all around, but even if you keep your home spick and span there are other ways these pests find a way in. In areas that are close to a garbage dumps roaches are common if you have a food joint close to your house that could also be the cause. But now that we know the causes let’s see how to get rid of these nasty vermin.

Getting rid of cockroaches with chemicals could be harmful many times, and the smell of the spray is very irritating to everybody including the family pets. So here we are going to stick to natural ways cockroaches can be eliminated from your homes.


6. Baking soda and sugar mixture: Baking soda can be used in so many efficient ways, and the elimination of cockroaches is certainly one of them, start by mixing both the baking soda and the sugar in a bowl, make sure you take equal parts baking soda and equal parts sugar and make sure the bowl is dry. Apply the mixture to the problem areas and you will see that the roaches are attracted to the sugar. On consuming the sugar and baking soda mixture the roaches will die in no time, this is because the baking soda causes the acids in the cockroaches’ stomach to produce gas killing the vermin immediately.

5. Petroleum jelly trap: To make this trap you will need a jar, some petroleum jelly and some sweets, or leftover food. First, you can apply the jelly to the inner rim of the jar nicely and then put the leftover food and sweets in the jar. Keep the jar near the insects nest and wait. The cockroaches will be attracted by the smell of food and will attempt to enter the jar but will be unable to leave it because the petroleum jelly is too slippery to let the insects crawl out. You should follow this by flushing the cockroaches in the toilet and it also helps to add some strong insecticide to the jar if needed.

4. Use Bay leaves to drive away the cockroaches. Bay leaves are known for adding incredible taste to your food and they are also an insect deterrent too, if you don’t want to kill the cockroaches only get rid of them then this is the best option to do so! Roaches hate the smell of bay leaves and they tend to go away from any place that has this smell in abundance. This is an easy remedy as the only thing you need to do is crush the leaves and see that they are broken or cut into fine pieces and keep them in the areas that are infected by cockroaches. In no time the smell of the leaves will stay even after u clean the leaves and the cockroaches will automatically get away from your surroundings.

Pro Tip:Roaches are attracted to the smell of food and places that are damper, like corners in your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen sink clean is the best way to keep them out of your sink these roaches can be a nuisance so it’s necessary that you handle it carefully. They spread disease and contaminate food but if you cut off their supply of food then you are at the benefit.

3. Use the sticky Mousetrap: A sticky mousetrap is the best option to trap almost any insect out there, you just need to apply some food to the middle of the trap and keep the trap in the middle of the affected area. The roaches will be attracted to the food and get stuck on the sticky trap. Remember to use multiple traps as there could be a lot of cockroaches to catch.

2. Use Mouthwash and soap liquid to kill the Cockroaches: Cockroaches are said to be very affected when sprayed with the mixture Mouthwash and liquid soap, they won’t always die because of the mixture but they won’t come back to the same place again. Take a mixture of mouthwash and water and add a few drops of cleaning solution to the mixture, fill up a spray bottle and spray the solution on the cockroach almost immediately, remember the faster the better. The insects should not come back to trouble you.

1.Borax Powder: Borax powder is the common cockroach’s worst enemy, the powder is easily available and is one of the best remedies to get rid of cockroaches that live where you cannot see or reach them. Cockroaches tend to make your high cupboards or shelves their homes, so borax powder is the best remedy to get rid of the insect if you put the powder in the top areas.  Once they come in contact with the powder they are poisoned and poison everyone around them too especially if they go to the nest. Borax powder is poison so remember to keep it out of the reach of kids or your pets.