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How to Make a Baby Footprint Mold or Hand Casting
This instruction shows how to cast a baby footprint, but the same process can be used to make a 3D baby hand mold. The depth the infant hand or foot is inserted into the molding container can be adjusted. The insertion depth would depend on whether you want to produce a shallow baby hand or foot print cast 

1. Lay newspaper over your work area. Measure the appropriate amount of room temperature water and add to the molding container.

2. Add molding powder from into the water filled container. The molding material turns violet/pink when it comes in contact with the water.

3. Mix the molding compound briskly until the mixture turns almost white.

3B. While the mix is being prepared, another person should prepare the baby's foot. Rub the baby's foot with a little water, then take a few spoons of the molding mixture (this can be done while the mix is still slightly violet/pink) and rub it all over the baby's foot like lotion. This helps prevent surface bubbles on the completed baby footprint casting. Alternatively, dunk the foot into the mixture, then rub it on like lotion before re-submerging the baby's foot to take the casting.

4. Once the mixture turns white (Step 3), and the baby's foot has been rubbed with a few spoonfuls of the mixture (Step 3B), insert the infant foot into the mold mix. Do not let baby's foot touch the bottom or sides of the container. Firmly hold the baby foot still so the toes stay submerged while the footprint mold sets. When set, break the suction between the mold and the baby foot and gently remove it. Wash the infant's foot with soap and warm water.

5. Keep baby away from this part of the process as casting plaster is not safe if ingested and should not touch sensitive infant skin. Gather a disposable container for mixing the plaster casting stone. Pre-measure the recommended amount of cold water.

6. Add the plaster from the packet to the pre-measured water. Allow the plaster to soak in then mix gently by hand. The final plaster casting mixture should be smooth and easily pourable, like paint.

7. Fill the baby foot print mold impression with plaster. Tap the container to encourage trapped air bubbles to rise and pop them.

8. Fill the baby footprint mold just to the top of the foot impression. Cure for 4-6 hours (2 hours minimum).

9. After curing, remove the mold from the container then peel away the rubbery mold from the plaster baby footprint. Clean out all traces of molding compound from between the baby's toes. Pop off or sand out imperfections.

10. Air dry several days before finish sanding and painting the baby foot print casting. Paint the top and bottom of your baby footprint with one coat of clear glaze or two coats of metallic paint.