DIAMOND RAT KILLER Advance Granules Paste Poison Rodent Control Amazing Quick Effect Fast Acting in One Feed Mostly Die Outside

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Product Features:

  • Effective on Rodents like :Rat, Mouse, Mice, House Mouse, Gopher, Gerbil, Pocket Gopher
  • Controls all Rodents effectively
  • No Smell , Ready to Use, Easy to install, No Stain at all
  • Better Formulation every time for its proper effects on evolving Rodents
  • Safety First | Do not touch with bare hands | Keep away from Children


Product description

Rat, Rodent, Mouse, Mice, House Mouse, Gopher, Gerbil, Pocket Gopher are a great pain for our house office godown factory commercial premises, their presence make the environment unhygienic and there is always an insecurity of damage to our proper be it furniture food electronic items etc and if there are kids or pets in the out, the presence of such rodent make an unhealthy environment, it is necessary to take measure to eradicate them, for this we bring to you most efficient and effective product for quick resolution to all your rodent problems

Diamond Rat Killer Granules Paste Poison Rodent Killer Control (Multicolor)

Product Feature
1. Easy & Ready to use No Smell No Stain.
2. Useful to control Mouse Rat, will die outside mostly
3. All new Advance formula for an effective result
4. Don't touch the cake with hands for better result and safety
Pros Diamond Billy s effective Rodenticide, which can be use in house, building, godown, and other outdoor areas.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it a Wheat Grains?
A: Yes, With special treatment.

Q: Will it die instantly?
A: Rodent dies of thirst, do not keep water around, or put granules where they cannot find water, otherwise they will keep eating and drinking and enjoy the Party ;)

Q:How to Use paste?
Apply on any food item like chapati, bread etc and put in corners

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
asdsad sdasd
Cannot do without it.

Necessity in garages infested with rats

Prajwal Kawle
It's Working

It did solve the purpose. The poison seems to be strong on Rats and Big rats (hegna) within one use of rat poison biscuit , the rat died.. complete freedom from rodent now.

Does the job effectively!

The cakes are the most effective. Rats didn't eat the granules at all. We placed cakes on 3 separate days broken into pcs in different corners of our balcony and it was lethal enough to kill 7.rats! Highly recommended, go for it!

df sf
Lethal and effective

Very effective! We used only the granules (there are also poisonous biscuits in the package which we haven't needed to use) and it killed the two large rats that had infested our terrace garden. And they ate only a little part of the bait, so it's pretty strong stuff!


This is a superb product after long time... our house is free of rats.... it has immediate effect and kills them next day... we used in out shops too and give excellent results... thanks to the manufacture...pls keep ur product quality best always