Cockroach Killer Spot Gel Jallad Spot Gel Anti Cockroach , 10g

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Cockroach Killer Spot Gel Jallad Super Power Formula Pest Control Anti Cockroach Gel 

Cockroach Killer Spot Gel

जल्लाद स्पोट  जेल 

आपके रसोई घर को रखे छोटे व बड़े कोक्क्रोच से सुरक्षित 6 माह तक सिर्फ एक बार इस्तेमाल करने पर



  • NOTE: 1 Bottle = 10 gms
  • Effective Gel based Cockroach killer Other Cockroaches die with the Cockroaches Infected by this Gel
  • EFFECTIVE & QUALITY: High-performing gel bait product targeting all pest species of cockroaches. Easy to use, Nonmessy Product Lasts up to 45 to 180 days
  • QUICK CONTROL COCKROACH POPULATION: Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination and even the toughest populations are quickly controlled.
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION FORMULA: Advance performance compound, Cockroach Gel Bait combines a high-consumption bait mix with attractive feed fragrance to attract cockroaches.

Cockroach Killer Spot Gel


Spot Gel is an advanced formula to provide control of cockroach. With a rapid knockdown & long lasting residual effect.


A. Cockroach Dot Roach Bait Gel Is Unique, High-Performing Bait That Targets Even The Toughest Species Of Roaches Including German, American, And Brown-Banded.


B. Apply Cockroach Dot Roach Bait Gel As A Crack And Crevice Treatment Indoors And Outdoors In Commercial, Residential, And Industrial Sites.

Cockroach Dot Gel Bait Target Pests: German, American, Australian, Smoky-Brown, Brown, Asian, And Brown-Banded Species Of Cockroaches.

C. Cockroach Dot Roach Bait Gel Contains 11 Attractants And The Powerful Advance Ingredient To Rapidly Control Even Bait Averse German Roaches. 


D. 3 To 5 Spots Of Gel Bait Per 10 Linear Feet For Heavy Infestations. - 1 To 3 Spots Of Gel Bait Per 10 Linear Feet For Light To Moderate Infestations.


Everyone Dreams Of A Cockroach-Free Premises Without The Efforts Of Having To Empty The Drawers And Cupboards, Covering Food Etc.,

Keeping Their Safety And Health Intact With Real Long Results And All This With Minimum Efforts. That Is What Our Product Is All About, Simpler, Safe,


Easy And More Effective As Compared To Other Products In The Market.

The Main Content Of Our Product Is Internationally Approved And Is Fastest In Killing Cockroaches Through Secondary Transmission.





Just in Single application, Jallad Spot Gel starts to form a Protective Barrier around the kitchen giving you long lasting protection from small & large Cockroaches up to 6 months and more


Jallad Spot Gel is an advanced formula to provide control of cockroach. With a rapid knockdown & long lasting residual effect.


Direction: Accurate Gel placement is the key to effective control. Draw a line with Gel in and around hiding & feeding places of cockroach-like cracks & Cervices in home, offices, restaurants etc for long lasting protection. 



Draw once inch line with Jallad Spot Gel at night in dark and moist places where Cockroaches hide & feeds like on Gas Stove, Gas Pipe, Gas Cylinder, Inside Gas Stove, On Wash Basin, In & Around Almirah, Drawers & Washing Machines or near cracks, Cervices & Below Dining Table & Sofa Sets etc where you feel maximum Cockroach Infestations 

Spot Gel, Spot Gel, Cockroach Killer Spot Gel


Customer Reviews

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100% Working

Anju Sharma
Not received

Yet not received the order

Excellent product

This product is a saviour. We had hundreds of cockroaches and couldn't call pest control due to covid but this one saved us from the cockroaches. After using this for 3 consecutive days all cockroaches were either dead or some left the house.

Real Jallad for cockroach

We tried lot of products to get rid of cockroaches but no use . spent lot of money on hit products in vain. We used Jallad only once and with 2-3 days it worked so perfectly that cockroaches appearance reduced drastically. Last three months we have not seen, not a single cockroach in our kitchen. It is very easy to use we applied only one drop in cabinets hinges and some others places. Thanks for maker of Jallad formula. Buy this product without any hesitation if you want to get rid of cockroaches.

Upinder Upr
One stop Solution for Kill cockroaches No second thought go for it

This product is one stop solution for all types of cockroaches.... Worked like a wonder ... I thought of vacate home due to this cockroaches... Finally I came to know this product through Amazon and within one night almost 100 cockroaches were kelled.... Thanks to Amazon for this wonderful product.