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Close your eyes and go for it. It's very much EFFECTIVE.

iShine Travel Parachute Men Multi Shirt Organiser Pouch Storage (Gold)

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Bugnomor Anti Roach Spot Gel Super Power Cockroach Killer 20g Bottle

Laxman Rekha- 👍

It does what it says. Ants are sucha big problem in summers- it takes care of it. Am not sure about roaches as there are none around my home but it helped in getting rid of ants.

It works

It works.. rodents die as soon as it's eats even a bit ..I mix these grains with flour and spread in areas where they appear

Nice product but use with care

It kills the rat almost in five minutes. So it is better that place is accessible to remove the rats, that is not too much big furniture is kept near it. But when kept at one spot for long the rats did not consume it

Super product...Its Genuine....

I have to give this product 5 star genuinely it helped to kill the big rat, it's almost 2 weeks, now i don't have the disturbance because of that.
Thanks for the product.
Only suggest will be to reduce the delivery charge so that all needy people can buy.

Five Stars

It works effectively.

Lethal - Be Careful

Diamond Rat Killer is grains coated with 2% Zinc Phosphide. Both rats in my house died almost immediately after consumption. It is useful to notice the habits of the rats and ensure no food or water available for them in the house for days at a stretch before using the bait. Then they're sure to go for it.

It is useful to place the bait along their usual route in and out for the house. I placed it a coupla feet from their hole in the house. Be sure not to handle it with bare hands and dispose of the bait where animals cannot eat it. Less than 10g took out an adult rat and its offspring.

Good product. It worked...

It worked very well and I could see the next morning rats were dead outside the fence. I am fully satisfied with this product. Though it took time for shipping, it worked.

Super product

Superb product... There is a hole in my entrance door steps where rats enter & bite all household products... I felt difficulty.. I filled the hole with this rat baits in night.. When I opened the door, I saw nearly a gang of 10 rats died near the hole.. Now the rats reduced a lot & household products are safe.. Thanks.

It's Working

It did solve the purpose. The poison seems to be strong on Rats and Big rats (hegna) within one use of rat poison biscuit , the rat died.. complete freedom from rodent now.

Does the job effectively!

The cakes are the most effective. Rats didn't eat the granules at all. We placed cakes on 3 separate days broken into pcs in different corners of our balcony and it was lethal enough to kill 7.rats! Highly recommended, go for it!

Lethal and effective

Very effective! We used only the granules (there are also poisonous biscuits in the package which we haven't needed to use) and it killed the two large rats that had infested our terrace garden. And they ate only a little part of the bait, so it's pretty strong stuff!


This is a superb product after long time... our house is free of rats.... it has immediate effect and kills them next day... we used in out shops too and give excellent results... thanks to the manufacture...pls keep ur product quality best always

Does it's Job

I was struggling with rat infestation in my home and tried several things to get rid of it. Nothing worked for me, finally I tried this and it solved my issue. I strongly recommend. One thing you can improve is the product packaging which I really didn't like.

Rats seems to enjoy these

I used these in my kitchen where we once a while spotted a small mouse shy and always hiding, but after these biscuits, they started celebrating and danced and roamed as if drunk, and then they left our house. Then I realised they were just having a farewell party.

A tried and trusted product and brand

Truly worth the money - though would lke price to reduce by 15% / via offer if I purchased 2 or more pieces of this. Am using Jallad Spray products since past 10 years and they are truly effective - their air pressure lasts almost to the last drop.