Bugnomor Eco-Friendly Ant Bait Ant Repellent for Home Ant Killer Gel Ant Liquid Ant Organic Liquid Ant Gel Bait Garden, Kitchen, Wall Edges

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  • M.R.P Rs. 125/- Per pc
    SHIPPING EXTRA Rs.65/- | MADE IN INDIA | Natural and eco-friendly ant repellent liquid for home
  • Material:Plastic | Item Dimension: 8 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm |
  • This herbal liquid is highly effective for long persistent effect |ORGANIC : Ant Repellent This liquid made up of organic ingredients have a effective results in getting rid of ants completely.
  • Usage Drop the liquid on the affected areas, after 24hours the ants get completed eradicated Use after 15 days to ensure 4 months free. | It is safe and natural, hence no harmful to human health or pets
  • Where to Place : Can be used at corners of the kitchen, wash basins, corners of window, corner of the walls and outer periphery of house.

Product Description
This liquid made up of organic ingredients have a effective results in getting rid of ants completely.
This liquid with its toxic free nature can be used in Home, Office, Hospitals, Gowdowns, Gardens & for Agricultural purpose as well. While planting seeds, rinse this liquid on seeds before 6 hours of planting which protects the seeds from Ants and Termites.

Ant armies invading kitchens, bathrooms, and other domestic locations or, silently circling your picnic, waiting for the tiniest of forgotten crumbs of food are commonly spotted.
Get rid of these troops safely without harming your family's or pet's health in the process. It is available in the pack of 2 bottles, absolutely safe, natural and herbal.
This ant killer liquid contains natural ant attractant and herbal ant killer, after spot application way of travel of ants, worker ant gets attracted towards liquid, take the liquid towards nest and then feeds the liquid to the queen, reproductive cast and soldiers of the colony. Within 2-3 days all ants you will get rid of all the ants

From the Manufacturer
High Sensitivity Quick Action Trap With Efficient Means To Kill Rats. Kill Rats Without The Use Of Any Poison. One Of A Kind Design With Strong Metal Pedal. Bait With Fruits, Vegetables Or Meats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Army of ants disappeared

I was facing persistent problem of black ants lingering all around everywhere in kitchen and wash area. I tried lot of sprays and other baits.
Reluctantly with no hope, I ordered Bugnomor Ant Killer Eco-Friendly Ant Bait. Today I applied this liquid on the walls as instructed.
It was a successful venture and in the evening I find no ants loitering in my kitchen and wash area. I am happy and have to checkup tomorrow for the final result, to see return of ants, if any.

sony gunn
Finally something that works

This thing works ! Easy to use and couple of drops near the antline and they just die in hundreds.. it's been 3 days using it and already numbers are reducing. I am moping up eldead ants from nook and corners. Earlier seeing so many 5 * rating had me wondering if they were paid reviews. But actually it works effectively. This worked where expensive pest controls failed. Thank you.

Excellent Product | Zero Ants

This is a great product. Highly recommend this product if you facing issues with stubborn ants that find their way to food and also eat cotton fabric. It took almost 3-4 days to almost wipe out the entire army. There were about 10 entry points and all have been cleared as of now. Up until now, I have tried all possible methods to wipe out these ants and this was the best.

How to use it:
This gel based ant bait does not attract ants like the cockroach bait if it is not placed close to the ant trail or it’s nest. The gel has to be dropped on its path/trail. The ants gather around, eat, and carry it home. You will find half of the ants dead around the gel and others in their nest. Place 5-6 drops of the gel wherever you find the ant trail. Drop more, if required, depending on the number. There will a decrease in the number of ants crossing that path on the second day. However, repeat and add 5-6 drops on the second day too.

Please note that an extensive cleanup is required in an around the places of bait. If you’ve placed the bait on the wall, you will find loads of dead ants on the floor. Keep a track of the path and cleanup after a week.

High class product

It is the best ever product I have ever used in my life
Bugnomor Ant Killer is a very good ant killer and it kills all the ants within 3 to 5 hours normally and sometimes it takes more to kill ants
This product is really value for money and I am using this product for many months and it did it's job all the the time
I use it for more than 10 times and now also my first bottle is half filled
I recommend everyone should buy it for your home and it do not have any smell so it do not cause you problems

Maria Grazia C.

It works