Bugnomor Eco-Friendly Ant Bait Ant Repellent for Home Ant Killer Gel Ant Liquid Ant Organic Liquid Ant Gel Bait Garden, Kitchen, Wall Edges

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  • M.R.P Rs. 125/- Per pc
    SHIPPING EXTRA Rs.65/- | MADE IN INDIA | Natural and eco-friendly ant repellent liquid for home
  • Material:Plastic | Item Dimension: 8 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm |
  • This herbal liquid is highly effective for long persistent effect |ORGANIC : Ant Repellent This liquid made up of organic ingredients have a effective results in getting rid of ants completely.
  • Usage Drop the liquid on the affected areas, after 24hours the ants get completed eradicated Use after 15 days to ensure 4 months free. | It is safe and natural, hence no harmful to human health or pets
  • Where to Place : Can be used at corners of the kitchen, wash basins, corners of window, corner of the walls and outer periphery of house.

Product Description
This liquid made up of organic ingredients have a effective results in getting rid of ants completely.
This liquid with its toxic free nature can be used in Home, Office, Hospitals, Gowdowns, Gardens & for Agricultural purpose as well. While planting seeds, rinse this liquid on seeds before 6 hours of planting which protects the seeds from Ants and Termites.

Ant armies invading kitchens, bathrooms, and other domestic locations or, silently circling your picnic, waiting for the tiniest of forgotten crumbs of food are commonly spotted.
Get rid of these troops safely without harming your family's or pet's health in the process. It is available in the pack of 2 bottles, absolutely safe, natural and herbal.
This ant killer liquid contains natural ant attractant and herbal ant killer, after spot application way of travel of ants, worker ant gets attracted towards liquid, take the liquid towards nest and then feeds the liquid to the queen, reproductive cast and soldiers of the colony. Within 2-3 days all ants you will get rid of all the ants

From the Manufacturer
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Rid of all red ant

awesome products, all red ants gone in half hour