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Bugnomor Pest Repellent Control for home | Ant, Cockroach, Rat, Lizard, Bed Bugs, Spider ALL IN ONE Spray | 100% Natural | No Kill Just Repel | Easy to Use | Non Toxic (250ML)

Bugnomor Pest Repellent Control for home | Ant, Cockroach, Rat, Lizard, Bed Bugs, Spider ALL IN ONE Spray | 100% Natural | No Kill Just Repel | Easy to Use | Non Toxic (250ML)

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Product details

  • ✅Please note this is Spray and will not immediately kills the spiders or Pest will start it action in 4-8 hours , spray during the night time for effective results
  • ✅Made from IPA based solution
  • ✅Safe for Human's and Pets friendly
  • ✅100% Satisfaction , research conducted in various environment and different types of insect
  • ✅ALL-IN-ONE PEST REPELLENT - Plant-powered spray repels indoor pests and keeps your home protected. Kills flying, crawling, biting and stinging pests including ants, Ant, Cockroach, Rat, Lizard, Bed Bugs, Spider
  • ✅PLANT POWERED AND POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE - Using natural essential oils, this spray is a safe alternative to electronic bug zappers, lights, traps, powders, granules and conventional pesticides. No artificial colors, fragrances or harsh ingredients. Cruelty-Free.
  • ✅EASY-TO-USE - ALL-IN-ONE spray can be sprayed easily around the home, throughout the kitchen, bathroom, and any other living areas. Simply spray around windows, doors, baseboards, under sinks, in cabinets, and around appliances. Spray as often as desired for a pest-free home.

Believes in No Chemical and Safe for Humans hence all products are chemical free made from natural products with IPA based formulations to ensure long lasting effect on application.
How we get our start?

What makes our products unique?
Botincal and IPA based formulation which is unique formulation unlike the other formulations of Gas and Water , IPA binds the composition to surface and leaves no stain to application area
Keep your home safe
We are 100% product which will help you shield your house from all kind of insects and pests

Botanical and Plant based IPA formulation
Designed for Indian Pests specially formulated in IPA based with strict regulations from ISO 9001 Lab's hence we proudly insert our manufacturing license number on the labels of our products though being product

Home Safety for Multiple Insects
Our Range of products includes " All in One " and special products which are effective on all type of pest for specific targeted pest so that is safe for you and your family as well.

Go Green by Adopting
Needless to say being a Plant based extract its harmless for humans , children.

Sustainability is our motto

All Insect Spray - IPA Based Solution Formulation Contains 1) IPA -40% 2) Alkoloiss -10% 3) Lactone -08% 4) Tarpane -12% 5) Emulsifier -20% This is product which will have long lasting effect , Open the bottle and spray in the infested areas the effect of the spray will start in a 1-2 hours of application since this is a products and the pest , insects, spiders, cockroaches , ants and all other crawly insects and pests will start to disappear and will not return back though the application will have long lasting effects it is recommended to use in intervals in high infested area.


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