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Carry Multiple Bags at one time,Fit in Pockets or Purse Virtually unbreakable

Carry Multiple Bags at one time,Fit in Pockets or Purse Virtually unbreakable

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  • Carry multiple bags at one time - Reduces number of trips from your vehicle
  • Virtually unbreakable - (Holds upto 30 gs.) - Carry 6 to 12 bags with each Bag-Mate
  • Ergonomic design reduces strain - Comfortable grip - Bags don't cut into your hands!
  • Secure bags together in your car or shopping cart - Items don't spill out
  • Compact - Fits in pocket or purse, No moving parts to fail!



Carry Mate is a well-designed handle which is both comfortable and convenient.

Even though it is very heavy duty, it is lightweight and compact.

Bags stay together in your vehicle, thanks to the hook on the handle. Items don't spill out and roll around in your car.

When you get home, you don't have to hunt for the individual bags because they're all secured together. Remember when you thought you had all the handles, but you missed one side and something fell out?

you can pick up and carry as many bags as you can lift. These are a great gift item, especially useful for those who carry groceries up steps. Why is this Carry Mate better than others?

The design allows you to simply slip the bags onto the handle. You don't have to open a "gate" or operate a lever or anything that might eventually break. The "hook" design keeps the bags in place until you remove them. The contoured handle is very comfortable in your hand. This is positively the best handle you will find.

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