Diamond Rat Killer Rat Cake Biscuit Rodent Control Poison (25 g x 18)

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Product Feature

Its a unique formula that is fast-acting and effective in protecting against plague causing rats. It kills the rat in one feed and t's unique formula ensures that most rats die outdoors.
Also available: 25g,100g cake.

WHAT IT DOES It has a fast-acting and effective formula that kills the rat in one feed
BENEFITS It's unique formula ensures that most rats die outdoors.
HOW TO USE Break the cake into 6 pieces. Put these in places frequented by rats. Replenish bait till feeding ceases, for complete control. Most rats die outdoors 3-4 days after eating the bait.

Innovative Solutions
This rat killer in an innovative solution that efficiently works on keeping the rats away from your house. It attracts rats and leaves rats to die. It uses an advanced formula that does an excellent job.

Easy To Use
It is easy to use and install rat killer. It doesn’t require constant looking for rodents. Just place them rightly and they will themselves come, eat, and die.

Highly Effective
It is great in killing rodents. This highly effective formula is capable of killing Rat, Mouse, Mice, House Mouse, Gopher, Gerbil, Pocket Gopher, easily.

Stop Worrying About the Rodents when you have DIAMOND RAT KILLER CAKE at your rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it a biscuit?
A: Cake/Biscuit edible by Rodents

Q: Will it die instantly?
A: Rodent dies of thirst, do not keep water around, or put cake where they cannot find water, otherwise they will keep eating and drinking and enjoy the Cake Party ;)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ram Shamra

Rat was quite big size required to use 3 to 4 packets to kill them all of them are cleared with 2 days use. It works.

Amrish Kumar
nice and recommended

It was very effective because one mouse had been hiding in the kitchen and causing havoc with food items lying around but, as soon as we kept one of the biscuits on the floor, it ate the entire biscuit and disappeared forever!
Very effective - excellent product!!

good product

Keep patience..its blood thinner....not poison..
Its takes 3 to 5 days to get effect...
RAT dies due to bleeding...got result after 5 days...got rid off of 5 rats..great product.
.thanks to product

Rohan Goyal

Good Product good price

Thank You for your Feedback, pls visit us soon

Very good

long lasting disapparence of rats

Thank You for your Feedback, pls visit us soon