Plastic Dust Pan with brush for Workstation Office Kitchen Table - Set of 3

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Color: Multi

Multipurpose Plastic Mini Dustpan/Supdi and Brush Broom Cleaning Set for Kitchen Laptop Table Desk Sweeper

dustpan with a brush, cleaning for computer keywords, small dusting time use, with brush given for this dustpan, set of 3 plastic dustpan.

Washable and Reusable.handy Plastic Dustpan/supdi and Brush Cleaning Set For Cleaning Dust and Dirt.

Mini Dustpan and Broom Set For Computer Laptop TV Shelves Cleaning Brush Kitchen Car Desk Broom Mini Dustpan and Broom Set for Computer Laptop TV Shelves Kitchen Car Desk Animal Waste Cage Cleaner. Live Healthier, Live Longer shop Dustpan and Broom Set is a set of cleaning tools designed for Multi-purpose Cleaning.

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  • Mini Dust Pan Computer Laptop TV Shelves Cleaning Brush Kitchen Car Desk Broom
  • Dustpan, Cleaning Brush
  • Plastic
  • Multi

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rocky M

yep its way too samll dont except a normal sized one too,but its quality is good and for price i would definitely recommend it,serves the puprose i brought..

Rahul Madhavan
Not exactly star dust, but good enough!

TLDR: We in India are spoiled by our household helps and bais. The first time i tried using my old dustpan, i gave up and bought this. Now both bai and me are happy.
There is only one purpose of dustpan, to help remove dust from floor and carry till dustbin. This one works admirably for that.
1) A dustpan must have a rubber head: A lot of us are not used to doing the household work or sweeping. Try it once and try to get the dust onto the dustpan from the floor. It is a nightmare! I realized then that a rubber padding/head is such an obvious component of a dustpan (that unfortunately not all dustpans have)
2) Brush is a good to have: The brush helped to move the dust from floor to the dustpan. But most often you might use the broom (jhadu) for this. Maybe in some cases you will want the brush instead of broom in case removing dust from kitchen shelf etc.
3) Build: Others have said that this bends under weight. I'm not sure how much load they put on the pan. For me, at best it has to carry up to 300 grams. It does this easily without bending.
4) Colors: The color shown in this was grey (which i liked), but i got a red. Sure it wasn't awesome, but not a game changer for me.
5) Price: i got it in a sale for Rs 120. You may get it for slightly cheaper or costlier. But still it less expensive than some other brands which are Rs 200 odd. This does the job adequately and so i'm not sure what is my added benefit for paying Rs 100 more.