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Jallad Anti Roach Spot Gel Ultimate Cockroach Killer Guaranteed Powerful Effect Injection Container, 30g

Jallad Anti Roach Spot Gel Ultimate Cockroach Killer Guaranteed Powerful Effect Injection Container, 30g

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  • New Jallad Anti Roach Sport Gel - 30g contain Odourless gel bait attracts hidden cockroaches Anti Roach Gel Each tube = 30 gms contain Odourless gel bait attracts hidden cockroaches | Spot Gel is advance formula to provide control of cockroach. With a rapid knock down residual effect with Gel based cockroach killer
  • On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die Other Coackroaches die with the Cockroaches Infected by this Gel
  • Effective Gel based Cockroach killer Easy to use, non messy Product Lasts up to 45 to 180 days cleaning product
  • For heavy infestation, apply 2 To 6 Spots Of Anti roach Bait Per 10 linear feet, for moderate infestation, use 1-2 spots per 10 linear feet.
  • New Formula, 100% protection against cockroach menace. Works within 1 hours of application. For optimum result, use the same gel for 12 months. Do not change to other composition in between.

Product description

All of us Dream of a cockroach-free home without the efforts of having to empty the drawers and cupboards, covering food keeping their safety and health intact with real long results and all this with minimum efforts.
Jallad Anti Cockroach Gel is an advanced formula to provide control of cockroach.
Cockroach bait gel based cockroach killer contains eleven attractants and the powerful advance ingredient to rapidly control even bait averse German roaches.
How it Works:
Kills roaches by its Nests
Step 1
It attracts to cockroach towards it and the cockroach eats the gel.
Step 2
Once the cockroach eats the gel it gets infected.
Step 3
The infected cockroach goes to its nest and dies. Other cockroaches eat the dead cockroach.
Step 4
The other cockroach also get infected and they die, eliminating entire cockroach nest along with the eggs.

You may now enjoy the cockroach free home and kitchen. For best results apply after every 45 days.

How to Use
Step 1
When using it for the first time, Press until the gel comes out. After this the gel will come out in just one press.
Step 2
Use the gel in places where the existence of cockroaches are high, e.g.: corners of the kitchen shelves, side draws, below kitchen sink, under gas cylinder, under microwave, fridge hinges etc.
Step 3
Repeat procedure every 45 days. Make sure you do not put the gel in places from where it can be easily washed off.

1. Kitchen Safe and Odorless: Contains no harmful industrial grade chemicals or agricultural insecticide, and is completely odorless.
2. Application Fast, Convenient and Non-Intrusive: Just Apply 20 dots in various corners of your kitchen. Essentially just spend 5mins of your time for a cockroach free home.
3. Long Lasting Effect: One time use ensures that there are no cockroaches in your house.


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