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Jallad Multi Purpose Insect Cockroach Mosquitoe Bedbug Killer 3 in 1 Spray 450ml

Jallad Multi Purpose Insect Cockroach Mosquitoe Bedbug Killer 3 in 1 Spray 450ml

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Jallad Multi-Purpose Insect Cockroach Mosquitoe Bedbug Killer 3 in 1 Spray 450ml

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Product Features:

  • Contains: JALLAD 3 in 1 Spray (450ml) – 1 Unit
  • Instantly kills cockroaches, mosquitoes, bedbugs, which are disease spreading.
  • Unique ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’ guides the spray into places where insects hide
  • Use in all cracks and corners, kitchen sink outlet and inside the washbasin outlet
  • Just one application and Freedom from ALL
  • WHAT IT DOES JALLAD 3 in 1 Spray targets both flying and crawling cockroaches, mosquitoes up to 2 times faster  It begins working instantly to protect you and your family against roaches.
  • BENEFITS A fast response to an unwelcome problem.
  • 100% kill guarantee on mosquitoes and cockroaches and bed bugs
  • India's first aerosol with triple active formula
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Unique dual purpose nozzle for direct spray on mosquitoes, bedbugs and easy reach for cockroaches

Description :



JALLAD 3 in 1 Spray - Kills mosquitoes and cockroaches with 100% kill guarantee




Indoors & Outdoors HOW TO USE Shake can well. Keep can as upright as possible when spraying. Close windows and doors and spray high into the air for 4 – 5 seconds. For rapid action, spray directly at the Cockroach/Mosquitoes/Bedbugs




We all have experienced the wrath of cockroaches and their ability to make us run helter-skelter in our own house trembling with fear. It’s time you take control of your own house with Jallad 3 in 1 multi insect killer. With Jallad 3 in 1 Spray, you can initiate insect elimination by hunting down insects hiding in the deepest corners of your house. Who’s having the last laugh now, huh?


This insect killer is an advanced liquid technology that can work as the best insect repellent for your home. It has a quick kill formula that attracts the insects and poisons them. The insects that are sprayed on, go to their nest, and also infect others. This insect repellent helps in killing all types of insects, both big and small, as well as the eggs they carry, within a few hours of consumption.

It is safe to use in the kitchen and in homes as it does not contain any industrial-grade chemicals or agricultural insecticides..


The high-performing formula targets all species of insects to result in infestation elimination. Applying this spray on dry places like below the kitchen sink, around furniture, in toilets and bathrooms, and other places help get rid of the pests. It is advised to spray on the breeding areas at night.


The formulation attracts insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bedbugs to kill them. This repellent has powerfully advanced ingredients that help to control insects, rapidly. 

Best Insect Killer Spray To Keep Roaches, Quitoes and Bugs Away

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