JALLAD SPRAY Multi Purpose Insect Killer Destroys Mosquitoes and Flies Super Power Formula Pest Control - Black (224 ml)

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Product Features:

  • MADE IN INDIA | WHAT IT DOES JALLAD 2 in 1 Spray targets both flies and mosquitoes up to 2 times faster It begins working instantly to protect you and your family against Dengue Malaria Chikungunya etc.
  • BENEFITS A fast response to an unwelcome problem.| Contains: JALLAD 2 in 1 Spray (224ml)
  • 100% kill guarantee on mosquitoes and flies | Instantly kills mosquitoes, flies, which are disease spreading.
  • Unique 'Nozzle’ guides the spray into places where insects spread |
  • Use in all cracks and corners, kitchen sink outlet and inside the wash basin outlet | Unique nozzle for direct spray on mosquitoes, bedbugs and easy reach for flies and mosquitoes

Product Description:


Contains: 1 unit of Kala Spray (200ml)
Instantly kills all flying insects
Protects from Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya causing mosquitoes
Reaches even the deepest corners of your house
Spray regularly in all corners of your house – under the bed and sofa, behind curtains and cupboards
Please check side of the Bottle for expiry details


COMPLETE FAMILY PROTECTION Get rid of all kind of Mosquitoes & Flies and Safeguard your family from deadly diseases like - Dengue, Malaria, Philaria, Chickengunia etc.

Direction for Use Recommended to control Mosquitoes & Flies. Shut all doors & windows & spray in all directions. Open Doors & Windows after 15 minutes. For Best Results, use daily and Spray in areas like wash basin, gas cylinders, toilets, furniture joints, crevices & cracks etc. where insects are found hidden and Spray for 2-3 seconds in each direction.

First Aid If Ingested seek medical help advice immediately. In Case of Skin contamination wash with soap & water. If eyes are affected, splash water on eyes.

Antidote - Treat Symptomaticaly.

Poisoning - Anxiety, Nervousness tremors & allergic manifestation. 

Caution Pressurised container. Protect from Sunlight. Do not pierce the empty container. Do not spray directly on food, utensils water & food crops. Keep away from children & animals.

Indoors & Outdoors HOW TO USE Shake can well. Keep can as upright as possible when spraying. Close windows and doors and spray high into the air for 4 – 5 seconds. For rapid action, spray directly at the Mosquitoes & Flies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A tried and trusted product and brand

Truly worth the money - though would lke price to reduce by 15% / via offer if I purchased 2 or more pieces of this. Am using Jallad Spray products since past 10 years and they are truly effective - their air pressure lasts almost to the last drop.

Szeifert Jánosné

Have always liked this fragrance of JALLAD. Does kill mosquitoes. Do remember to spray it in a room when you can keep it closed up for 15-20 mins and only then get in the room. Despite its fragrance, it's not recommended to inhale the smell of it

Mrs. Sneha Karthik
Effective against mosquitoes

We spray this in the bedrooms, six hours before we go to bed, and keep the bedroom doors closed. Our windows, which have mosquito netting, are always open. This mosquito repellent has a good fragrance, and it is quite effective. But this alone is not enough to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Tanu Midha

Instantly kills dangerous mosquitoes and houseflies
Reaches even the deepest corners of your house and kills every hidden mosquito
Spray daily in all corners like below the bed, behind the curtain, below the sofa, in the toilet or bathroom, etc.