Jallad Tremores Bug Fighter Powerful BedBugs & Termites Killer Spray Powder Base Formula (80 gm)

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Product Features

  • Cleaning product, easy to use, mess-free, last long and effective
  • Effective powder water solution to get rid of bed bugs termites
  • Easy to use, non-messy product, mix 1:1 power: water ratio, better fast results 0.5:1, other bed bugs die with the bed bugs infected by this solution
  • Lasts up to 45 to 180 days, swift eradication of all your bed bug problem, you will never have to worry again

Product description

Size:10 gm Pack

Item Name (aka Title): Jallad Tremores Bed Bug Killer Pest Control

Name: Jallad

Manufacturer: Diamond

Powder Solution is an advanced formula to provide control of Bed Bugs. Ith a rapid knockdown & lasts for a long time residual effect.

DIRECTIONS: Mix the sachet in 1 l of water, if you want more concentrated you may use less then 1 lt, say around 750 ml. Shake it well. Spray in each and every Infected corner. You may want to close the room for at least 2 hrs. For perfect Results Spray at least twice or thrice a week 

Package Content (Box) : 10g x 8