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Multiple Shoe Travel Bag Multipurpose Organizer Footwear Storage Slipper Shoe Bag Water Resistance 6 pair (Grey)

Multiple Shoe Travel Bag Multipurpose Organizer Footwear Storage Slipper Shoe Bag Water Resistance 6 pair (Grey)

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Multiple Shoe Travel Bag with Compartment


Footwear Storage Slipper Shoe Bag Water Resistance 6 pair


  • Perfect design for home and travel use. Multiple Shoe Travel Bag for traveling men and women, carrying shoes to & from the gym, or for keeping your shoe dust free in the closet.
  • Material: Nylon Parachute fabric quilted with double layer foam and Cross Stitch for Strength. Lightweight and does a perfect job of packing shoes and keeping everything else clean. Great shoe bags for dancing, playing basketball, tennis, golf, for gym and so on.
  • Dimensions: L 16" x W 5.5" x B 6.3” dust bags ideal for packing dance shoes, kids shoes, flip flops, sneakers, golf shoes, works as travel organizer in your luggage or suitcase.
  • Strong Double Zipper: Specialized Custom-made Runner with high-quality smooth zipper teeth, zips up smoothly and durable. The center runner design makes it easy to get items in and out. Two Runner perfect for applying a lock
  • Specialty: 2 Open Pouch in Front and 1 Zip pouch at Bag with Slide Through Trolley handle for easy carriage with your check-in and cabin bags (See Gallery)
  • Multiple Shoe Travel Bag is the perfect travel | Easy to carry with top handle | Washable, reusable, can also store garments and accessories




Multiple Shoe Travel Bag mount on Cabin Bag
Shoes Bag Mount on Cabin Bag

MAIN FEATURE: Slide along open space for Trolley Handle during Travel (See gallery)


When you don't put stuff inside it, the material of the bag can be easily folded, very easy to store and save space, convenient to carry everywhere for your needs


Good design for home and travel use. Great for traveling, carrying shoes to & from the gym, or for keeping your shoes dust free in the closet. This bag can be used as makeup bag, shoe accessories, travel bags,


The travel shoe bag has no smell, stain-resistant, breathable, foldable, lightweight, and portable, convenient to use. Great shoe bags for organizing and storing shoes,dust-proof design, keeping your shoes organized and clothes clean.


Made up of high-quality nylon fabric and PVC material for convenient organization. Smooth feeling and durable, very easy to clean and quick-dry, heavy-duty zipper and high-quality loop handle.


Convenience and Hygienic

Shoe bags are the perfect travel companion for your shoes. Everyone should use shoe bags. Seems like an obvious one but shoes are dirty especially when you’re traveling. Just imagine the bottom of your shoes when you had walked miles in the city and stepped on who knows what. Unless you clean your shoes every time, putting them in your luggage will get dirt on your belongings. One likes to keep the inside of my luggage clean. Besides, shoe bags are great to keep your shoes in place in your luggage and your clothes clean. It is also a great way to protect shoes that are delicate such as dress shoes


More Organised Travel

Not only are your shoes or high heels protected from scruffs, but your luggage will be more organized and look much nicer than using the infamous recycled plastic grocery bag. If you have a very detailed system for packing clothing, using plastic grocery bags will make it look tacky.


Washable Travel Shoe Bag


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