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Sumo Anti Cockroach Gel - Pest Control 10g

Sumo Anti Cockroach Gel - Pest Control 10g

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Product details


  • Easy to use, nonmessy product
  • Each Pouch has 10 g Spot Gel container
  • Effective gel-based cockroach killer other cockroaches die with the cockroaches infected by this gel
  • Works faster get rid of all cockroaches lasts up to 45 to 180 days, cleaning product


Spot Gel is an advance formula to provide control of cockroach.
It comes with a rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual effect.

Directions of you
Put dots patterns surrounding sinkhole of your kitchen and bathroom
to protect your wardrobe; a utensil; food pantry area; put gel around the exterior of the furniture corners
works wonders for working women; students; professionals; housewives; cockroach haters and for all those who wish to kill a cockroach and not see them for at least 6 months

Cockroach eats ones and other cockroaches get kill coming near to them.

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